Thursday, January 21, 2016

Should you Hire an Event Decor Designer?


One common question that arises when planning an event is "Should I do the décor or hire someone to design the décor?". It's common when planning an event on a budget to just do it yourself while getting ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. In some cases this works then in other cases the plan isn't executed so well. I've identified four questions below that anyone planning an event should ask themselves in regards to décor.
Do I have time?- Decorating an event takes time. It takes planning. If you choose to make the decorations yourself, plan to set aside time for visiting craft stores, gathering materials, watching tutorials, actually making the décor or remaking the décor if it doesn't work out right the first time. Custom décor takes time. When you hire an event décor designer such as Avid Accents Décor, we have designated craft storage, we specialize in custom designs and we just love making décor so time is not an issue.
Do I have the skills?- Contrary to what many believe decorating is not easy. Clashing colors or over/under sized décor can make attending an event uncomfortable. One example is a tall, grand centerpiece. As fabulous as this sounds certain décor decisions can ruin this idea; such as a base not strong enough to hold up, a base not tall or clear enough which obstructs the guests view, or a base that is so grand that it takes up most of the table space making it uncomfortable for guests to eat. Do you have the skill to distinguish the right scale, color scheme, and feel of the event? Avid Accents Décor does.
Do I have the storage space?-   So, after you've purchased or made the décor for your event, what are you going to do with it? Many people don't think about this as they plan the event. Even with the option of selling on Craigslist and Ebay, there is still a need for storage until you get your special buyer. Let Avid Accents Décor setup and tear down your event, leaving no stress on your plate.  
Do I have the Money?- It's been proven many times that hiring an event décor designer will save you money. Many don't see it upfront because our price is one or two bulk payments. When you gather your receipts from purchasing décor, linens, and equipment to make the décor, you've ended up spending more than the quote from the décor designer. Or you've spent the same amount but have far less design options. There are certain relationships an event décor designer has that ultimately lowers your price of décor.
There are many decisions to make when planning an event. Hopefully this article has given you some insight into the work of an Event décor Designer and the pros and cons of DIY décor.  
If you choose to not do it yourself, contact us to set up a consultation.
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